We designed our company by asking...

What do agents want in a brokerage?

This is the question we asked ourselves when we created this company, and the question that drives ALL of our decisions in regards to the future of the company.  Below is the list we came up with when we looked to answer this question.  Our entire being is tied to the list below, and we are confident that we have created a company like no other.  

  • High Commission Splits
  • Excellent Training
  • A culture of sharing ideas, celebrating success, and caring for each other. 
  • Wealth Sharing
  • Leaders in Technology 
  • Career building guidance 

When we break this list down, it is very simple.  Agents want to keep most of the commission, learn how to build and increase their client base, and learn how to do the job better than anyone else.  This is what agents get with Front Porch Real Estate.  

Transparency is key in our company.  We hide nothing from our agents, which is why you will see our values, commission structure, recruiting income, resources for our agents, and an example of the commission structure below. 

Jim Perry * 317-281-9239 * jimperry@frontporchre.com          Rick Daves * 317-614-5484 * rick@frontporchre.com